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Appreciation Perks

Applies to All Military/Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Teachers (Educators), Medical Field (Licensed Professionals only)

A person who feels Appreciated, will always do more that what is expected! Many times we see a job well done by someone within our community, but very few people come forward with a word of appreciation. The Staff at Caribbean Mystique Spa would like to say we APPRECIATE & THANK YOU! As a token of our appreciation, come visit us and see what our healing hands can do.

To show YOU just how much we Appreciate YOU, YOU can get for FREE 15 minutes added to ONLY a 45 Min Massage for $41. Yes, that’s paying ONLY $41 for a 60 Min Massage. You can do this (3) Three a year. 

Note: If you’re not interested in our New INVEST In Your Health Members Lifestyle Program! “Your Traveling PASSPORT to WELLNESS”, you can enjoy the reduced pricing Massages below.

Proper photo ID required at EVERY visit.  No Exceptions!

30 Minute Massage
$36.00 20% Off
60 Minute Massage
$69.00 20% Off
90 Minute Massage
$99.00 20% Off
120 Minute Massage
$129.00 20% Off
Invest in Your Health Members Program! Your Traveling Passport to Wellness!

Members Program

  • Absolutely, NO CONTRACTS EVER! Save MORE by Joining our (NEW) INVEST in Your Health Members Lifestyle Program! “Your Traveling PASSPORT to WELLNESS”.  Ask our Team about this! Effective May 1, 2017 Come Island HOP Aboard the Caribbean Mystique – LIFESTYLE OF THE SEAS and change your Health and Life forever. Embarkation Day is Everyday at Caribbean Mystique Spa – currently located in Tampa and Lutz, FL for now…
  • Taking a Stay-Cation at Caribbean Mystique Spa for a Monthly Massage, a Facial,  or even both, is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We Created the INVEST in Your Health Members Lifestyle Program and made it Affordable and Simple just for YOU. “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around YOU” -Robin S. Sharma.  Effective May 1, 2017 Join the MOVEMENT! Island Vibes…
  • Our Caribbean Dry Scalp Massage ($5 value)
  • Island Mint Tea Sugar Scrub Foot Therapy ($10 value)
  • Therapeutic Hot Towel Treatment on your Back ($5 value)
  • Free skincare consultation with our estheticians & nail technicians
  • Happy Birthday Email Perks
  • Invitation to our Caribbean Vibes Spa Parties with FREE Drinks, Food, Music and Prizes!
  • Check your phone for a Surprised Phone Call or Text Message, Social Media Message, or a Letter in the Mail offering you FREE Services. Names are pulled Randomly and it could be YOU!

More PERKS for our Exclusive INVEST in YOUR Health Members Lifestyle Program! Your Traveling PASSPORT to WELLNESS!

  • Reg. Price $36/30 Min, $52/45 Min, $69/60 Min, $99/90 Min or $129/120 Min (General Only Massages), You do get a discount on Specialized Massages as well – call front desk for pricing.
  • But YOU Pay ONLY $25/30 Min, $35/45 Min, $39/60 Min, $59/90 Min or $79/120 Min (Massages) for every Visit. The Best DEALS in the Area! Come in as many times as you like within the same month and pay the same price. NOTE: all NEW Client’s will pay our Promotional Price for their first (Massage ONLY) visit prior to Joining our Membership Program. Call for Promotional First Time (Massage) Visit Pricing. 
  • Book a Facial during the same visit any month or on a different Day/Month and GET $10 off all General Facials, and $15 off our Microdermabrasions! Now That’s Paying ONLY $50 for a Microdermabrasion any DAY of the WEEK..
  • Get reduced pricing on select Massage and Facial Enhancements. (Ex. Aromatherapy, Caribbean Cold Stone Face Massage during a facial and Lots MORE!)
  • Can’t come one month for your Massage or Facial, we can roll it over and you would get (2) massages or Facials that next month, or you can send a Friend/Family to use it. By Sending a Friend/Family, we CALL it The Pay it FORWARD MOVEMENT! Just call and let us know who is coming in under your Member Program Account. You can Use this Option 3 times a YEAR for 3 different People. Spreading Love is What we do at Caribbean Mystique Spa and WE encourage you to do the same.
  • Exclusive Email Deals on Reduced Pricing Premium Massages, Clinical Facials, Products, Waxing, Nail Care Services and lots MORE!
  • Must Abide by our No Show/Cancellation Policy. Can’t Travel on your Appointment Day, please give us 24 hours or more NOTICE!
Get Rewarded

Refer Your Friends


Our referral program rewards you with Caribbean Mystique – LIFESTYLE OF THE SEAS Travel Miles for every new guest you refer!  There is absolutely no limits as to how many new guests you can refer, and we will even provide you with a simple tool to help you start earning your rewards.  Next time you visit our location, grab a few referral cards, write your name and code on the card, spread the love and get rewarded!

Have each referral bring the card in with them during their appointment, or simply mention your name and code and we will add your Travel Miles to your account. Effective May 1, 2017.

Note: Travel Miles will ONLY be issued for massage or facial services purchased directly through Caribbean Mystique.  Help your Family, Friends and Neighbors join the Movement!  Earn 500 Travel MILES for each Referral you send to us that books a 1 hour or more Massage or Facial Service. Earn an additional 500 Travel MILES when your Referral becomes a New Invest in Your Health Lifestyle Member!  They must be an Active Member for at least 6 Months prior to earning your Travel Miles. Excludes Groupon Vouchers, discount offers etc!

  • Build up your Travel Miles and Redeem them for a 1 hour Premium Massage (8500 Travel MILES)
  • Can also be used towards our Clinical Facials.  Give them a Try! (10,000 Travel MILES)