Kendall Brutus

Birthplace/Home/Residential Town: Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
National Anthem: La Dessalinienne.

Music: Compas/Kompa, Zouk, Twoubadou, and many more.
Profession: License Massage Therapist, Business Accountant.
Years in Business: 5+ years.
Attribute(s): Kind, personable, Active listener, skillful.
Certificates: Neck & Shoulder protocol; Shoulders, back & lower back protocol.
Degrees: Massage therapy, AA & BA in Business Accounting.
Skills: I am well versed in Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Neuromuscular, Reflexology, Relax, Sports, Swedish, and Therapeutic.
Hobbies: I love Reading, Writing, gaming, working out, Driving, Biking and Hiking.

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